Available Positions (Sept. 2020)

September recruitment period has ended, please stay tuned for updated positions in January

Mars Farming (NEW!)

Our newest project will be dedicated to food production to sustain a colony on Mars. We have identified two possible projects to fit within this category:

  1. Automated Hydroponics Lab – research, design, and prototype parts of a hydroponic lab to sustain a colony on Mars. Maximize crop output for a limited space, minimizing energy usage and human interaction.
  2. Algae Bioreactor – research, design, and prototype a device (using algae) that will remove CO2 from the colony and provide resources such as oxygen and food.

If you are applying to this project, you will have a crucial role to play in the research and development of the scope. In the first phase of the project, members will be tasked with specific research assignments for either the Hydroponics lab or the Algae Bioreactor. The project team will then collaboratively define and execute a single project implementation plan. Currently accepting applications from any students interested in joining this project.

Sabatier Reactor

This project aims to research, design, and prototype a fuel generation system for Mars. Inspired by SpaceX’s mission architecture (which requires ISRU propellant production), our goal is to refuel a Starship within one launch window (26 months). Four subteams make up this project:

Test Reactor (Mechanical)
Responsible for the design, construction, and operation of a small scale laboratory sabatier reactor. Currently not accepting applications. Check back again in January!

Process and Chemistry
Responsible for test reactor chemistry, experimental design, and fuel plant chemistry. Currently seeking chemical engineering applicants in 2nd year or higher.

Fuel Plant Design
Responsible for full scale theoretical fuel plant design, including resource collection, processing, conveyance, and storage. Currently seeking applications from any students interested in joining this subteam.

Responsible for all electrical (software and hardware) design and construction. Currently seeking Electrical & Computer engineering applicants in 2nd year or higher.

Support Team

Want to join the team but not interested in a technical position? We are currently seeking a webmaster who will be responsible for curating the teams wordpress site, and a facilities manager who is responsible for upkeep of the team spaces and the procurement of necessary equipment or furniture.

Multidisciplinary Goals

Our team isn’t limited to Engineering students! The UBC Mars Colony team would benefit by including people of related specialties, broadening the realms of what is possible and creating a more rounded, realistic basis for our Martian colony. We have many ideas for projects to come, many would require the support of a diverse workforce. Some fields that could have related projects include:

  • Architecture – Designing models and mock-ups of possible designs of the colony
  • Psychology – Understanding the impact on a person’s mental state by living in an enclosed space
  • Sociology – Understanding interactions between people in this limited environment
  • Land and Food Systems – Agriculture of crops on Mars
  • Biology – Researching the optimal organisms to convert carbon dioxide emissions to oxygen for human survival.
  • Chemistry – Researching reactions like the Sabatier reaction to produce methane and oxygen for the colony, and helping with oxygen conversion
  • Geology – Understanding and modelling the compositions on Mars
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