Team Roles and Responsibilites

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Technical Team

All technical team members must attend a work session from 10:00am to 3:00pm each Saturday. Mid-week sessions and online check-ins may be scheduled in addition to the general meeting. The leadership team meets in the morning before our Saturday session to review what was done previously and go over the plan for the day. The responsibilities of each subteam for the Sabatier Fuel Plant project are described in the figure above.

Support Team

All support team members must also attend the Saturday work sessions, but may have a modified schedule based on the current workload. Being on the support team is a great way to get involved with what we are doing even if you don’t have a highly technical background! The responsibilities of each member of the support team are described in the figure above.

Multidisciplinary Goals

Our team isn’t limited to Engineering students! The UBC Mars Colony team would benefit by including people of related specialties, broadening the realms of what is possible and creating a more rounded, realistic basis for our Martian colony. We have many ideas for projects to come, many would require the support of a diverse workforce. Some fields that could have related projects include:

  • Architecture – Designing models and mock-ups of possible designs of the colony
  • Psychology – Understanding the impact on a person’s mental state by living in an enclosed space
  • Sociology – Understanding interactions between people in this limited environment
  • Land and Food Systems – Agriculture of crops on Mars
  • Biology – Researching the optimal organisms to convert carbon dioxide emissions to oxygen for human survival.
  • Chemistry – Researching reactions like the Sabatier reaction to produce methane and oxygen for the colony, and helping with oxygen conversion
  • Geology – Understanding and modelling the compositions on Mars
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