What Exactly is Mylar?

Hey everyone! We post a lot about this material called “Mylar”, however you may be wondering, what exactly is Mylar? And what are we using it for? Authentic Mylar® is a material developed by Dupont in the early 1950’s (1). It’s chemical name is  biaxially-oriented polyethylene terephthalate, or BoPET. This is actually not what we … More What Exactly is Mylar?

Current Progress

Hey everyone! Just updating you on our current progress on our airlock. We have received most of our parts, with some still on the way and are now starting most of the construction. Recently, as you may have seen on Facebook, we have water-jet cut our doors, and are currently in progress of attaching I-beams … More Current Progress

Airlock Doors

Super exciting news from Mars Colony today… we have doors for our lock! Last week we were able to get our water-jet cutting done for our airlock’s two doors. Below is picture of the door after it was cut, all our team’s hard work is starting to pay off! Right now the mechanical team is … More Airlock Doors

NEGM Event

This past Saturday two team members, Kyle and Mark, went to the Richmond Public Library for the NEGM (National Engineering and Geoscience Month) Annual Popsicle Bridge Building Competition hosted by Engineers and Geoscientists BC.  At the event we brought mesh wire and had students blow up a balloon inside it, which only a single student … More NEGM Event

Falcon Heavy Launch

Last Tuesday the world watched in awe as the most powerful operational rocket took launch. After being delayed for two hours due to high winds the Falcon Heavy launched at 12:45 PT and it was perfect, on top of that two out of the three boosters successfully landing. The third booster was the center core … More Falcon Heavy Launch