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*Please note that fall applications for technical team are currently closed!

We’re hiring!

If you’re a hardworking student who wants to devote a few hours each week to help us start on our next project of a Sabatier Fuel Plant. We meet weekly on Saturdays, as well as occasional mid-week sessions.

Find more information about our previous projects’ organizational structure on the roles and responsibilities page.

We have positions for everyone, not just engineering students!

Support Team

Even if you are not interested in the engineering side of things, we still need your talents.

In May 2020, we are facilitating the second phase of our national competition called Project Airlock Challenge! This competition is for other universities such as Toronto, Waterloo, and many more to follow in our footsteps and build a functional airlock. In order to make this possible we need Support Team members!

Some of the other positions we need to fill include: support team manager, finance officer, publicity officer, and more.


For those interested in pursuing research, there is a lot that we need to look into: soils, chemical processes, agriculture, enclosed space and the impact on mental well being, plant-based oxygen production, astrodynamic feasibility, to name a few. Even if you are just passionate about space, or have some great ideas, we would love to hear from you.

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*We are currently accepting applications to the Support team only

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